"A final gospel truth that will contribute to our understanding of and hence the quality of our marriages relates to the degree in which we involve the Savior in our relationships as husbands and wives. As designed by our Heavenly Father, marriage consists of our first entering into a covenant relationship with Christ and then with each other. He and his teachings must be the focal point of our togetherness. As we become more like him and grow closer to him, we will naturally become more loving and grow closer to each other"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the season! (to be busy)

Holy Cow! Is it really half way through December already! I can't even believe it, I've looked forward to this month for so long and I feel like I haven't even got to enjoy it yet! Well I mean I have enjoyed it but it has just gone by way to fast!
We don't have to much exciting going on besides that life is flying by! Robbie finished up school for the semester so now we will have a few weeks until we are both in school and working full time! Its going to be an adventure!
I got to go see Heather last weekend and how I wish I could have stayed the whole week, or month! It was so much fun getting to see her again and catch up.. and by catch up I do mean eat more than necessary and spend more money on home decor than one human being needs! But it sure was fun! I have learned so much in the past few years but I really think the most important thing has been that to have such great friends like her its truly a heaven sent blessing! We were having to much fun to take pictures so we got the one below just as she was dropping me off to meet Rob.
And the following pictures of how I spent my day today! I love cooking, it is very theraputic for me. No lie I literally had a cheesy smile on my face the whole day, singing along to CMT and dancing around in the kitchen getting flour and powder sugar everywhere! (Im glad no one got a glimps of that!)

Usually when I bake I take out on ingredient at a time, scoop whats needed and put it away before I get the next one just so I don't have a mess... but NOT today! I just went crazy! My little kitchen was cluttered and DiRtY!
My sink was over flowing!! And I was hoping Robbie would get home from work and offer to do them for me.. BUT that didn't happen!

Then the finished product! (and no thats not all I made in 6 hours!) We had about 6 plates full that looked like this!
There is a bundt cake with a cream cheese and chocolate chip filling (thank you sister lunt for the recipe!) Then we have oreo truffles - YUM, pumpkin rolls, and banana bread!

What a day! A great day! Anyway - Our house is all decorated but I didn't take any pictures! And our tree this year is awesome. I love it, but I can't get a good picture. It just looks lame on my camera! Guess ya'll will have to come over and see it and for heavens sake - eat some treats while your here!!

Happy Holidays all you bloggin' buddies! Bring on the new year!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Practicing my Photography!

I had SO much fun taking these pictures!! Seriously SUCH a cute family! My little niece is so beautiful! I love her to pieces! I am going to start school in January and going to take some photography classes so I loved the practice!! I don't have the best editing program but for now it works!!

The picture above and below are my favorites!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

(the rest of the pictures)

(ok sorry there is 2 posts.. I couldn't get all the pictures for go to one post from my Picasa- wierd) anyway.. here is the rest of the pictures! And I will put another post of the ones I did fo my brother!
Robbie says this one should go on this years Christmas card!!

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Forever Family!

My brother and sister in law came up for the weekend and we had a BLAST! We went to Kolab to my friends cabin, the weather was beautiful and it was so nice to just get away! While they were down I told them I would take their family pictures for them so my brother took a few for us and I edited them! (although Im having a hard time uploading them so I hope this works)

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yummy FALL soup!

I just thought I'd post this yummy soup for everyone to try!! (that means you Heather!) I love the fall and winter seasons because I love making soups! I hope all of you that try this enjoy it as much as we do!!

3 Cups potatoes (chop into little bite sizes cubes)
1 small onion finely chopped
1 stalk of broccoli, finely chopped (i just rip off the top parts of the broccoli stems!)
1 1/2 medium carrots, grated (you can buy them grated already and I used 1/2 the small bag)
2 stalk celery chopped up
3 Cups water
4 chicken bouillon cubes

Place ingredients into a large pot, cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are tender. While veggies are cooking prepare white sauce:

1/2 Cup butter
1/2 Cup flour
1 1/2 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
4 Cups milk

Melt butter in a saucepan in low heat. Stir in Flour, salt and pepper, Cook over medium heat until bubbly, stirring constantly, Cook 1 minute. Stir in milk slowly. cook over medium high heat, stirring constantly until mixture reaches a boil. Boil 1 minute, stirring constantly.

Pour white sauce into cooked veggies, Stir in 2 cups of cheddar cheese.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall fun!

I have been so excited for this time of year!! I think I've held off long enough of pulling out the fall decorations! I went to pebbles in my pocket (in st george by Christensen's) and found this cute kit to make these fun pumpkins! All you need is wood blocks, craft paper, paint and of COARSE Mod Podge!

Started out like this:
Turned into this:
I love them! They are so so fun and cute! Just thought I'd give all you ladies out there, who like to craft, an idea!


p.s. does anyone know of a craft store or anywhere really that sells wood blocks in lots of different sizes? I don't really have time to chop trees and saw them myself!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jeff and Bobbie's Wedding!

We had the opportunity to attend the Sealing of some good friends of ours on Thursday! It was so fun to be a part of their special day! The reception was so pretty and we are so happy for the Larsens!

Rob and I waiting for the Bride and Groom!
This picture was to show the temple being painted! You can see half way up where the fresh white paint is.
Rob and Elder Peterson! A friend from his mission who he hadn't seen in a long while! They made me take a "funny face" picture! Nerds!
Again.. Robbie thought he was funny! He just HAD to hold the flowers!
Mr & Mrs :)
FINALLY a decent picture of the two of us together... This is a very daunting task for us!
oh and this is AWESOME! We got it at the book store and well worth the $$.. It says FAMILY but each letter if somehow/where part of the temple. ex: the A is a window frame and the Y the gate outside the temple... CAN YOU SEE IT!!! I love it so much!
Anyway once again life is keeping us so busy! But I can't complain!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Boy Brag!

So some of my friends did some really cute posts about their Husbands and I thought the idea was great so I decided to jump on the boy brag train! Although my Husband never sees our blog so he'll probably never even see this!

Robbie ROCKS! He is seriously so great! At times (as I'm sure you ALL experience) I do stress BUT I wouldn't ever go back and have it any other way! Did you know that in the past 2 years I've never heard him complain? Not once! And in the 14 months we've been married, although he may forget to say Thank you once in a while!!, he NEVER ever is negative! Even if I try to push his buttons just to get a rise out of him!
He is going to school full time and working full time. He is a very busy man and an extremely hard worker! He may hate the fact that he is only half way done with school but he isn't about to give up! Most days he's up by 4:30 and going and going all day long!
You will never hear this man say anything bad about anyone! He has the ability to see the good in everyone around him (which has been a great example for me). He isn't a man of many words but He'd be the first one to drop everything for a friend.

I thank our Heavenly Father often for blessing my life with someone so easy going and who has such an amazing testimony! I love my husband with all my heart! I can't wait to see what the future holds for us or where we will end up!!
*The following pictures are from last night! I woke up from the wonderful Sunday nap and Robbie has taken care of dinner and our piles of Laundry!!*
HOBO Dinners and grilled corn! My favorite!
..taste test!
WALA! Perfect husband and chef!

Thanks girls for the great idea of the Husband post!! I think everyone should keep this going!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

New craft/watch site


I started a new blog for the crafts I enjoy doing! Take a peak and let me know what you think! Its not much now but I just put a few different things on there!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


My NeW fAvOrItE hObBiE!!!!
I have always loved those fun cute watches that every girl in Utah seems to own! So I decided this week that I would learn to make them! I LOVE IT! I have only done the two shown below, the brown one I've had for awhile.
Anyway I just think they are so cute! I'm going to place a order of beads and watch faces and start making these bad boys! And eventually maybe try to sell them for a much better price than what they normally sell for since I'm not a pro! Let me know what you think! And if you'd like I'd love to make you some! Any color you just say the word!

I love having the plain watch face so it can match with any band!

BLACK band- which I got to wear to church today matching my zebra print skirt!
And this is the brown one that I already had but went off it to get new ideas!

And my favorite one since i love love this color!

Anyway! Just something fun that I've been up to this weekend!

Our new home!!!

Finally back in the Internet world! Rob and I just made a big move out to Hurricane so we were out of touch for a few weeks with all of our blogging buddies! And since my dearest friend moved WAY to far away from me this post is to update her with our lives and new house and adventures!

We had a wonderful opportunity to move to Hurricane and live in such a wonderful home and neighborhood! We honestly couldn't be happier! Since we both grew up in such small towns we really missed that feel you get from a town where its always so peaceful and you can always have the smell of the fresh cut grass and hay! One of my VERY favorite things! Not that St. George is a HUGE place but it was to much for me! I feel like I'm home.. only no one knows about my life therefore there is no drama!! So its perfect!

Let me give you the tour!!
**Note.. since we've only been here a short time I haven't had time to hang photos or decorate the way I'd like to - so don't judge me!!**

This is the Master Bathroom! Kinda hard to tell but it really is a good size and MUCH bigger than our old place!
Please ignore the towel NOT in the hamper! But this is just our new dresser in our bedroom!
And here we have our bed! And yes under the bed is a balloon! Rob just had a birthday and that's where he chose to keep his balloons! And here its hard to tell but our bedroom really is quite large as well! Tons of extra space and the closet is a great size for all our crap!
The view into our living room from the upstairs! Aghh - I swear it will look better once its decorated! But for now Heather this picture will have to do!
Our Kitchen! We got to paint the walls how we wanted and we only did the kitchen and one wall in the living room for now! And the other half of this picture is a large dining area to the right!
Guest bathroom..
..and guest vanity area! (there are actually two of these vanity areas downstairs with huge storage space and closets)
To the right of this picture is our washer and dryer space but i didn't think anyone would care to see our washer and dryer so just use your imagination here! And just so you know the color scheme is CORAL and brown!! Rob and my brother argued it was PINK! But its not! These pictures are just deceiving!
Also in our living room we have a random TEAL table that I've painted and haven't decided what to do with it yet! So for now it just sits in the living room and serves as a great table for Rob to do homework!
From the front entrance.. you can see down the hall which goes to the guest bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, garage and kitchen! We joked that the stairway space reminded us of the shape of Nevada! So we'd always have my family in mind! (use your imagination.. can you see NV!!?) Also of coarse we have the TEXAS STAR finally hanging up!! We're proud of that one!

And not pictured was the garage since it just stores our toys, four wheeler, bikes and boxes! As well as the guest bedroom and the upstairs second room which is our computer/craft room where I spend my spare time working on projects!

We LOVE our new place and our new ward is great! We are surrounded by great people out here and are really excited to spend the next long while out here!

As far as everything else... Robbie is back in school so we are back to seeing each other maybe once a week! Our life is so busy but honestly its the best! We are so blessed in SO many ways! I've been on a high lately just thinking of how lucky we REALLY are. Besides that my bestie lives miles and mile away and there are days that I am very down and miss her - I really can't complain!