"A final gospel truth that will contribute to our understanding of and hence the quality of our marriages relates to the degree in which we involve the Savior in our relationships as husbands and wives. As designed by our Heavenly Father, marriage consists of our first entering into a covenant relationship with Christ and then with each other. He and his teachings must be the focal point of our togetherness. As we become more like him and grow closer to him, we will naturally become more loving and grow closer to each other"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy mothers day to my wonderful mom! To my beautiful and loving grandmothers, to my sweet and caring sister in law, to my kind and dear friends! Happy mothers day to ME!

My whole life I wanted nothing more than to be a mother! At times I wanted to skip over the whole husband part! As a young girl I loved to tend the neighbors, love on the new babies, and dream of the day that my life would be so blessed. I wanted a house full of kids, I wanted the chaos and love that only a child can bring. I wanted to be called Mom. I wanted to be that person that was needed by someone. I wanted to be that person that someone would come to when they were scared, sad, happy, confused. I wanted to have that trust that I felt with my own mother. I wanted to feel that love, that endless unconditional love at first sight feeling.

I have felt that and so much more! Being a mother has been my greatest blessing and challenge. I don't want to write this post to offend anyone. I know so many struggle with becoming a mother and they have longed for that just as badly as I did. To those that struggle, you truly are in my prayers I think about you. I have hope for you. But today I want to write about being a Mother.

For me, being a mother is hard. It is frustrating. It is emotional. It is my calling in life. So many questions I had about this life were answered the moment I held my babies. A peace I have never felt before. It was that day that I was so sorry for the way I acted at times to my own mother. It was that day that I knew my life would never be the same. It was the day that life exceeded any possibly dream I ever could have had for myself.

I am a mother to two beautiful babies who think that I am funny, they think I superwoman. They need me, they cry for me when they are sad or hurt. They smile at me whenever I look at them. They bring so much joy to my life. I am so thankful that I am their mother. I am so thankful our Lord and Savior has trusted me with these two amazing children. I am so thankful that I have a husband who is the best father that I ever could have dreamed of. The way he interacts with our babies exceeds every expectation I ever had. I have an amazing father. A kind, loving, sensitive, fun and giving father.. I wanted that for my children and I am so grateful that I found it.

Being a mother to me is sleepless nights.
Being a mother to me is emotional.
Being a mother to me is scary.
Being a mother to me is beautiful.
Being a mother to me is acting like a dog or a cat or a cow!
Being a mother to me is making airplane noises.
Being a mother to me is learning to overcome.
Being a mother to me is patience.
Being a mother to me is unconditional love.
.....and so much more.

To me, being a mother has made me feel like I have a purpose. I have never felt that I was good at much.. but I do feel like I am a good mother. So for me being a mother has given me confidence and made me feel like I am needed. One day they may hate me.. but today? Today they love me and need me! SO for that I am grateful! For that I say Happy mothers day to me!

Rob's graduation!

Rob graduated in December but had to wait until May to walk! I am so proud of him and all his hard work!! Not one time did he ever complain (well to me at least!) He was so involved with work and school and being a new Dad and he DID IT!! He started his masters last month so the journey isn't over yet but he has made a huge accomplishment thus far!! I am so grateful for his decision to further his education! It would be so easy to just choose not to but he is committed and will be SO happy when its all over with!!!! Love you babe!! 

   (he hates taking pictures so when everyone pointed their camera at him these were the best I could get!!)






He graduated with his good friend Kyle!


We love Kyle and Kylee so much!! Rob and Kyle are good friends and I just adore Kylee! Sweetest girl I've ever known!!!! So proud of these guys!

Family pictures!

My friend Tayona Miller (Loved up Light Photography) was so sweet and took our family pictures for us last week and was nice enough to let me edit the pictures myself so I could add my style to them. It was MISERABLE trying to get the kids to cooperate! But I am so happy with the turn out... dirty faces and all! Rocks were the only thing the twins would play with! I have big dreams for these photos in my house.. just like I did with last years photos but I never got around to getting them hung! So I WILL do it this week and post about it!!! 

Favorite of Bostyn!! 



LOVE these two (above and below) These will hang in our room asap!

The best of the 4 of us! I (of coarse) don't like myself in it but everyone else looks cute so it will do! The kids are looking at the camera almost smiling, Rob looks handsome and I am there so it WILL do!! 

LOVED LOVED the lighting.. totally my style.. Just wish Bostyn would have had her tonge in her mouth and eyes open! DANG IT!


One of my personal favorites!!


loved the lighting in this photo.. to bad no one is looking!


Photo by Loved Up Light Photography: Tayona Miller
My favorite one!! I never EVER like pictures of myself but this one I like! So double chin, no post baby belly hanging out, no chubby arms showing (the feature I hate most about myself!) and no fake smile! LOVE IT! **ps. this rant is not to beg for compliments or sound vain, no one is proud of every picture they take and I am not afraid to admit when I actually think I look decent!! 

Thanks so much Tay for doing these! I love them and you were so great with us and my crazy babes!

Trip to the Zoo!

We went north for Rob's alumni basketball tournament and decided to take the kids to the zoo. It was crappy weather and so cold the whole week but the kids needed to get out and I needed a break so off we went!! It felt like we were the only ones there! It rained for a bit so we just hung out under the canopy by the elephants for a bit and waited for it to pass!! I'm such a good mom and brought Bostyn one jacket that she out grew about.. oh 6 months ago! So we had to spend $20 to get her a new one at the Zoo!!

The kids LOVED it there! A lot of the animals weren't out and about because of the bad weather but it was still fun and I want to take them again next time we go up!! They loved walking all around and going through the puddles of water!

Bostyn and Grandma! 

loving running wild!

Madden loves animals so he was so cute to watch! 

And the most exciting thing at the zoo?? A leaf.. yup! She was obsessed!!!
What was our favorite attraction?? a leaf.. yup! Seriously!! She loved it!!! 

He just ran back and forth looking at everything!

Checking out the monkey!

He is such a good Dad!! So proud of his little man!

Love my boys!!
I am in love with this picture of my boys!! So handsome! Rob is such a wonderful Dad and so involved with the kids! They adore him and I love to watch them together! 

Such a beautiful animal!
Such a gorgeous animal!

Ryan & Katie visit!

     Ryan and Katie came up for the weekend and we had a blast!! We spent Friday at the splash pad and had dinner at Made in Brazil. I don't know why I attempt to take my kids out to eat. It is always such a disaster and I'm always so embarrassed by the huge mess we make!! Saturday we headed up to Zion National Park for what we thought would be a full day of hiking and enjoying the outdoors... nothing ever seems to go as planned!!
     Poor Shelby got something in her eye the first 5 minutes we were there and she was so miserable! Her eye was so swollen and red and itching her like crazy! So we made it on one trail and had our lunch and headed home!! My kids were so tired and passed out on the way back down the trail! So many other people on the trail had to stop and take the kids picture.. some would sneak it in not thinking we would notice and others would just ask Robbie if he would stop so they could take a picture!
     Don't get me wrong.. I ADORE my babies and everything but its not that Uncommon anymore to see twins.. they are EVERYWHERE! SO when people stop to talk to us or take pictures like we are jon & Kate plus 8 I always have to laugh!

Tough life!
totally passed out!! Looking at pictures make me realize how chubby they are!!! These two can EAT! Good heavens.. the other day Madden had THREE waffles, 2 sausage links a sippy of milk and wanted MORE. his tummy always looks like you could stick a pin in it and it would just pop! 

How pretty would bridal pictures be right here!
So gorgeous!! I kept thinking this would be such a pretty place for bridal pictures or something!! So fun! 

These two were sure famous to all the hikers.. we must have had 10 different people want to take pictures of them!! We just had to laugh!
Bostyn in the middle of blowing a kiss and Madden eating.. surprise!! 

Handsome! ;)

love this!
Love this photo!

Family daycation!
I love this picture so much! I have always wanted to be that family that's always out doing something outdoors and so fun and adventurous and this picture totally makes me feel that way! When in reality this is probably our second family outing!!! We did buy an annual park pass though so hopefully it will fufill my dreams!! HA!

Zion trip!
Ryan and Kaite and the CUTEST niece and nephew in the whole world!! I got the chance to take theire family photos while they were here and loved them! They are such a good looking family and little Liam was born to be in front of the camera the boy is a natural!!! 

Love his brows!
These were at the splash pad!! Taking a little lunch break!!

His shy face when you catch him dancing in the back!
Whenever you catch him dancing he gets really shy!! This boy has MOVES!! I wish I could get it on video!! plus.. what do you think of the mohawk!!?!
Little love!! Gosh she is just such a sweet girl!! Loves to give kisses and hugs!! 

Ok - so here is one blog post of many!! I need to keep it updated!!