"A final gospel truth that will contribute to our understanding of and hence the quality of our marriages relates to the degree in which we involve the Savior in our relationships as husbands and wives. As designed by our Heavenly Father, marriage consists of our first entering into a covenant relationship with Christ and then with each other. He and his teachings must be the focal point of our togetherness. As we become more like him and grow closer to him, we will naturally become more loving and grow closer to each other"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This year...

"Simplify Christmas.... Celebrate Christ!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby business!

I'm sorry all of my posts have been about the babies but lets face it, it's a pretty exciting time! We've had SO much going on lately. Which has been nice to help the time pass! But now that I spend my days mostly at home by myself I'm sure it's going to slow down! 

I was so very spoiled (or should I say these babies are spoiled) because we had 3 baby showers! One at my mom's with my grandma and aunts, one in Morgan over thanksgiving with Rob's aunts and cousins and one in St. George with all of my friends here! :) I am pretty sure I collected more than enough goods to get us started! After I put most of the clothes away there was about 100 outfits for these little monkeys! 

I have been feeling pretty good considering! About a month ago I was having constant contractions and was told by the Dr. to pretty much be on bed rest for a bit. But weeks went by and I have felt much better and still have a lot of energy. I am down to my weekly visits so we'll just go a week at a time with what I can and cannot do on a daily basis. I've had a great support with my friends keeping me company and taking good care of me. But I really think I am lucky to feel as good as I do. I may not sleep well and may not be about to get up from the couch without some help but it could always be worse! 

Picture of most of the group at the shower! Thanks again SOO much Jamee, Megan and Katie for all your hard work for the shower! 

Here's a belly pic at 28 weeks, every day it just get bigger! I've gained 40 pounds already and can't believe how fast it all happened! But as long as these two are healthy thats all that matter!

Also, the nursery! That's been my big project and I've loved doing it! I'm not quite finished yet but just needed to take a break! 

This was taken at the shower in Vegas! Thanks Katie and Courtney for doing this for me! These babies will LOVE their aunties! (and now that I see this picture I wish I wouldn't have listened when Rob told me I should cut my hair!!)

I feel like I could type for hours about all that we've been up to, but it's nothing that grand! Just busy stuff! Only one more week of school for us and then we will love to be able to spend time together again! Robbie is so busy with work and finishing the semester he deserves a break! I hope everyone is doing wonderful and enjoying the holiday season! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday fun!

Katie and Shelby came home with us after Aaron and Amy's reception saturday night and staying a few days! I absolutely LOVE when people come visit me! Having company is the best! :) (yes this is an open invitation for everyone!!) Anyway. After church we needed something to do and so many people have been making candy apples and I was for sure craving some! We were so excited about eating them that we didn't make them quite right!! The candy slid down as the carmel set up! Oops! 

We made smore flavored with marshmallows and gram-crackers and chocolate!, kit-kat, apple pie, and my personal favorite of the batch was a mint chocolate covered Oreo! YUM!!!!

Here is the start of our project!

My favorite one!!!! 

And I just had to include this picture of Shelby! She is so dang cute even when she is upset! She has a spunky personality and thinks its fun to rub her dirty hands on my big belly to clean them off!! 

We are spending the weekend in Las Vegas and I am so excited to have a few days with my whole family! My sisters are throwing me a little baby shower with all the LV family so that should be fun!! I will be sure to blog about that next week! 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whats been going on!

...23 1/2 weeks...

I decided I better keep better track of this pregnancy so later on I will have something to compare it to when we have more kids (someday WAY down the road!) I haven't ever recored how I feel, things I crave, etc..  So better late than never! 

We are slowly getting the nursery started. Madden has his crib and bedding up and Bostyn should have hers up this week! My mom got us a travel system that the car-seats can click into. Which should be nice even though it feels like your pushing a boat around!! We found our bedding on Amazon.com, it was hard to find two that were the same pattern just different colors! But we love what we found! 

Rob hard at work building his little man's crib!

Car seats from Grandma Nelson

Bostyn's Bedding

Madden's bedding!

I am thinking I want to paint the green stripes behind his bed and pink ones behind hers! Also with their names above the cribs in vinyl lettering! I LOVE VINYL! 

As for me, I have been feeling good! Every day that goes by it does get harder to work and do house chores but I just use a heat pad every night and it seems to help. I was told by me Dr. that after thanksgiving he doesn't want me working anymore.. which at first I was super put out about but now I am ok with it! My back hurts every day And I don't want any stress from that putting me into an early labor.
People say I look small but I don't see that! I just know how to hide it well! At my Dr. visit last week I had a reality check when I had to get on the scale! I have already gained 25 pounds and I still have a ways to go! I'm not one to be shy about my weight and I never care if people know how much I weight.. not a big deal to me so I will be sure to give everyone a grand total at the end of all this! 
I still can sleep at night but do wake up about 3-5 times from movements and bathroom breaks! But I could stay up all night seeing and feeling their little kicks! I think I have been having Braxton hicks? Im not positive but about 5 times a day my stomach gets super tight and I can't really move or breath! I notice it more when I am super busy (which is most days) 
Thats about it though. I eat to much and workout to little! I can't wait to meet these little nuggets and hold them and kiss them! My life has changed since the second I found out they were on their way.. I just want to be the best I can be for them.... 

Robbie is just as excited! He rubs my belly all the time and he has got to feel them kick a few times. More than anything I just can't wait to see him holding our babies for the first time. Thats what I look forward to the most out of all of this! He is going to be such a great and fun dad! I just adore him and appreciate all hid hard work. We don't see much of each other these days between work and school. He is a busy BUSY guy and he is worn out.. The picture below literally he feel asleep in 1 minute. I was talking to him.. walked into our room.. came back out and this is what I found!! 

Anyway! Sorry this was long! 

Decor for the nursery..

Every time I have heard this song I always just cry! I think it is so sweet and I want to get it printed in vinyl and framed and hang it in the twins room! 

You're a little piece of heaven 
You're a golden ray of light 
And I wish I could protect you 
From the worries of this life 
But if there's one thing I could tell you 
It's no matter what you do 
Hold to Jesus
He's holding on to you

The world will try to tell you 
That might is more than right 
That beauty's on the outside 
And being good's a losing fight 
But remember what I've told you 
Because the world will make you choose 
Hold to Jesus
He's holding on to you

Hold on to Jesus 
Cling to His love 
Rest deep in His mercy 
Whenever things get rough 
Don't lose sight of His goodness 
And don't ever doubt this truth 
That when you hold on to Jesus 
He's holding on to you

Hear me dear Jesus 
Rock these little ones to sleep 
Keep them close when their scared 
And give them grace when they are weak 
I know they'll stumble 
But I know they'll make it through 
If you hold to them just like 
You said You'd do 
Hold them Jesus
And they'll hold on tight to You

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 months down!

We got to see our little babies again today and have them all checked out! It was so fun!! My mom came up so she could see her grand-babies too! So far things look great! We had a 100% conformation that they are boy and girl, which we couldn't be happier about! I am struggling with a cute nursery idea as fas as bedding for both of them that matches but thats boy and girlie!! So any suggestions or ideas are welcome! 

Our little girl was a peach during the visit and did everything the tech needed her to! She has a good strong heart beat and a very round belly! Weighs more than her brother so far and is so cute! I wish the pictures were as clear as what we got to see but I was just in awe the whole time! To me she looks just like Robbie with her long face and perfect lips and nose! ADORABLE!  

Now little man was another story!! AGAIN he just didn't want to cooperate! After he spread his legs that was about it! Im talkin' he would complete flip over EVERY time the tech was about to get a clear shot! Stubborn already??? Hmm... :) He just wants to be sure his sister doesn't get all of the attention I guess!

Some people think its to soon to tell the names we are going to use but I don't really care! And there are those that don't care for the names we've decided to use and that's ok too! We love them and they both have meaning to Robbie and myself and that's what matters right!!?! :) I named him and Rob choose her name! So from here on out we will refer to them not as baby a and b or the boy and girl but: 

Madden Trace Morrison 
Bostyn Rae Morrison

Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome FALL!!

Oh how I LOVE the fall season!! Everything about it! The decorations, the soups, the colors, and weather! Although it was still 100 degrees today it did not stop me from going to Michaels and picking up somethings to make a wreath for the door! The picture below was the finishing project! I got all done and excited to put it up and realized that I ruined my door hanger thing last year so I need to go buy a new one so I can put it up!


Looking at it now I should have added two more little scarecrow dolls for the babies! Maybe I will just put a cotton ball under the girls dress!! 

This is the time of year I LOVE to get crafty, so if any of you are ever bored and want to get together I am all for a girls craft night!! I will be making the halloween wreath in just a few weeks so just let me know! 

On another note: life is great and flying by! I finally broke down and bought some maternity clothes! My belly decided over night to start to really show and being at work all day I really wanted to just be comfortable! I have been feeling great and have had lots of energy to get things done. I would say the hardest part about this pregnancy is the back pain. I was always told I would have troubles with my back carrying babies but I never knew just how bad it would really hurt! But I really can't complain besides that! Robbie is as busy as EVER! He is so wonderful! He comes home at the end of his L-O-N-G days and just looks so tired and beat but he NEVER complains! I just love him!! 

I hope you all are doing wonderful and excited for the holiday seasons!!!! 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ultra sound and update!

We got to go to our ultra sound this morning and it was amazing! I knew it would be neat but how no idea what an experience it would be! I loved every minute of it and was smiling ear to ear the whole time!! The pictures aren't the best because I had to take a picture of a picture but you can still see them! There is for sure two babies still in there! That was my biggest concern to go in and they say there was only one. So right off the bat I was put to ease! 

Baby A is the smaller of the two, heart rate of 142 and appears to be very healthy and calm! Baby B is a stubborn little thing! Rolling around all over the place and crossing its little legs! Has a full belly and long arms and a heart rate of 158! 

The lady said she isn't a gambling woman but if she were she would say the twins are BOY and GIRL! But we will see! We aren't going to be setting up a nursery or picking out names until its 100% FOR SURE! We would love her to be right and to have one boy and one girl, but we will be so happy either way! 

Both babies heads!

Baby "B" head, this little one does not like pictures! 

Baby "A" straight on with a grumpy face! Rob says she looks like she is dressed for halloween!

And this was the open leg shot of Baby A, were the Dr. predicted a girl!

Now that I am in the second trimester I am feeling SO much better! The past two weeks have been heaven compared to before! I am still so tired and now my hips and back KILL, but at least I don't want to puke every second! I still don't like eating any thing sweet, which is crazy because I am an ice cream LOVER but can't eat it! I am loving rice and beans mainly! But can pretty much eat anything, oh besides drinking water. I do it because i HAVE to, not because i enjoy it! Gag me! I am starting to show but its weird because some days there is no hiding it and somedays I wear my jeans and you can't even tell one bit! I have gained 5 pounds in 3 1/2 months.. I don't know if that is good or bad! But I know I will get huge! And thats ok! 

We are so excited for these babies to get here! I can't wait to meet them and kiss their baby soft skin! I am already so so so in love and love talking to them at night! They let me sleep SOO much better if i rub my belly before I go to bed! Which is funny because I LOVED to be rubbed and tickled as a baby so I wonder if they will too! 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

In case you haven't heard....

We are having TWINS! We found out the day before leaving to Puerto Rico and boy was it a huge surprise! I was by myself at the appointment and had a little breakdown when my Dr. told me the news! At first I was crying because I was in shock, then because I was so scared, and then because I knew these babies were such a huge blessing from our Heavenly Father. I knew he was trusting us to bring these babies into this world and raise them up in the gospel and be the best parents we can to them! 

Yes - I am terrified! I don't know how I am going to do it! We don't have any family near us and I was just getting started in school and working at the salon has been keeping me busy! I know things are about to change... for the better of coarse! But I don't even think I know where to begin!!! Thank heavens for my wonderful friends who have already offered to help and a huge thanks in advance to Jessica for all of the questions she is going to have to answer for me!!!! 

I wasn't able to get any print outs of the ultrasound but I did take a few pictures with my cell phone! And this picture just shows the two different sacs the babies are in! I have a picture of each baby too but its a little hard to see with my cell phone quality! But in 2 more weeks I get to go back and get another ultrasound so hopefully those pictures turn out a bit better!!! 

**Be sure to look at the post below to hear about or Puerto Rico vacation!**


We finally got to take our trip to Puerto Rico! It was a long 4 months of waiting but well worth it! A week full of relaxing and enjoying the beaches and the Butler Family! You have no idea how nice it was to NOT do my hair or wear make up for a whole week!!! (not wearing make up was simply because it would only melt right off my face!!) I never knew humidity could be so awful! I kept telling Heather that I had no idea how she dealt with it! Maybe because I am pregnant and already so hot and uncomfortable all the time! 
I wish I could remember all the names of the places we went but I don't!! We spent a few days at different beautiful beaches, one day out hiking around in the rainforest to see a waterfall! Swimming, shopping and just having a good time! I have the best husband in the world for making this trip possible for me! I don't know how we will be able to do it again after these two little babies get here! 
Thanks Heather and Jake for letting us stay with you and invade your apartment! (and for letting me turn the AC on!!! ;) We love you guys and appreciate your wonderful friendship!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


So I told myself over and over that when the day came when I was pregnant I wasn't going to tell ANYONE until we were at least 3 months along! Well lets be honest! Some secrets are just to good to keep! 


I have so much to say I don't even know where to start!!

Some of you know that I wanted to start my family more than anything! I love kids and couldn't wait for the day that I would become a mom myself! When we first were married we really didn't want to wait long before we had kiddos, well the Lord had another plan in mind! I had become very sick from a birth control shot I had a few months before getting hitched. We had been to Dr's multiple times always leaving with no further knowledge on what the issue was. Which was ok, but I broke down .... a lot! I know 2 years is NOT a long time and there are SO many girls that I know that have to wait many more years but when its you it feels like an eternity! And I now pray for those I know that struggle because it isn't easy. 
I had started on a fertility medication and that was the ticket! It worked the first round! I swear I knew I was pregnant that week but after having another check up with the Dr. and telling how I was feeling they had said that the meds can make you experience the same things you would if you were pregnant. So I was disappointed and went on just not feeling 100%. Weeks went by and it was my sisters wedding so I knew I didn't want to take a test and take away from any excitement from her big day. So when we got home I still waited a few days because I was just so nervous!! 
When I finally took a test I didn't know what to think! I didn't know if I read it wrong or what! So I called a friend and my Dr.! Well I was totally in denial for a few hours. I thought there was no way this was actually happening! My Dr. came into the salon that evening and literally had to reassure me that this was for real and that i WAS actually pregnant! 
When I got home I had a little gift for Rob (pic below) and when he opened it he was SO confused! He thought it was for a baby shower and was wondering why I would put the pregnancy test in with it! What a nerd! It took him a bit to realize it was all for him! He is SO happy and really hoping for a little boy! (we both do! I need a little baseball player!!) 
Anyway! Thats our great news! I am not far along, only about 10 weeks and due the end of February! My little nugget is kicking my butt and wears me out already! I am still in such amazement at the whole process! 

Oh and one more thing!! And not to sound rude but I just want to say that if any of you know anyone who struggles to get pregnant PLEASE be careful the things you say to them! I know people probably don't mean to offend others but it is such a painful thing to experience and what you say really can crush someone! Just encourage them and love and pray for them! And whatever you do.... don't ever tell someone "well.. maybe the Lord just doesn't want you to be a mother." I promise it doesn't help!! 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sissy's Wedding!

What a perfect day this was!! It for sure was on my top 5 list! I have never seen my baby sis so beautiful and happy! We had such a fun few days getting ready for the wedding! So much family in town that I haven't seen in awhile and it was so great getting to spend time with them! 

Here are a few pictures from the weekend and wedding!! Congrats sissle!! I love you!! 


BSFL! Best sissy for life! haha!

Grandma Mc, us, and Linda!

Nelson Clan!

Look at how happy this little girl is!! She was a dancing queen at the wedding!

Isn't he the most handsome pa you've ever seen!! 

Nothing is better than standing outside in Las Vegas in the middle of the summer!! 

Things have been going so great for us!! Our life couldn't possibly get any better right now!! We have the best friends and neatest family anyone could ever ask for!!!!  

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Campbell Bridals!!

I went down to Vegas this weekend for Courtney's bridal shower! We had so much fun and had a good turn out! The wedding is just two weeks ago! I can't believe how fast it went by. We went out early this morning and took a few bridal shots. She has a gal who is going to photograph the wedding day at the temple so she just wanted a few at a different location. 
The sun was SO bright this morning! I was getting so worried that all the pictures would have the "squinty-eye" look! But we came out with a few good ones!! I still need to learn what the best time of day would be to go out and take pictures!! I have no clue what I am doing!!