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Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 Months!

I cannot keep up! The past 2 months have gone by so quickly! My babes are changing everyday and giving me a run for my $$. I really can't complain because they are such great babies and sleepers but it is still a tough job! After Bostyn got over her surgery, Madden got RSV and she got a cold and double ear infection! So the last few days we've had lots of cuddle time and lots of naps, which i WILL NOT complain about!! 

Changes this month: 
After losing all of his hair, it's now coming back in brown! 
He smiles all the time from ear to ear and unfortunetly the only picture I have of that was when I put his sisters bow on his head! Should I be worried!? 
He is very alert and loves to be held sitting up so he can see what's going on! 
Loves watching TV, I can lay him on the floor and he will watch for quite some time! 
He finally is enjoying his bath time but still hates getting out! 
Last week he weighed in at 9 lbs 8 oz and 22 inches long. (only 2 oz to go to catch up to sister!)
Wakes up once at night but goes right back to sleep after he eats.

Losing her hair strawberry blonde hair on top, but its still coming in in the back!
Got a bit behind from her surgery so she is trying to catch up to brother. 
Smiles with her tounge sticking out! 
Still goes cross-eyed most of the time! 
Has the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen on a baby!
Loves her daddy!
Loves sleeping in her crib!! (last night she loved it so much she sleep for 7.5 hours!)
Weighed in at 9 lbs 10 oz and 22 inches long, yet somehow she looks HUGE next to Madden


I tried taking their 2 month pictures today but they weren't loving it! I'll wait for them to feel better next time! I've recently read "BABY WISE" and LOVED it. I started the recommened schedule 2 days ago and the kids have done GREAT at night. Only getting up once. They are learning to put themselves to sleep and will only cry for less than 5 mintues before they pass out! I for sure recommend this book to zombie mothers! 

They are going to be blessed in two weeks and I can't wait! One of my clients made Bostyns dress and it is so beautiful!! 

Other than that, life is going so wonderfully and I apologize for the long post but since I know I don't always have time to do this I just had a lot to get in!! Hope everyone is doing so great!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

One crazy week!

My poor little lover has had one hell of a week!

We found out last friday that Robbies grandma had passed away so last minute he got on a plane and went out to Idaho. I decided I'd go to vegas and stay with my mom so I could have help with the kids for the weekend... and boy did I need help!

Bostyn had been throwing up occasionally and I wasn't worried at first because I thought it was normal for a new baby. Well it got much worse and to the point that she was throwing up every feeding and multiple times in between. 3:30 a.m. rolled around and Bostyn and I had been up all night because she just wouldn't stop vomiting. So after much debate my mom and I headed to the E.R in Las Vegas because my poor baby was looking terrible. The Dr. seriously looked at her for one minute and told me she had a bad stomach flu and that it would pass. So one LARGE POINTLESS bill later we were back at my moms. She didn't get any better on Sunday so my dad and brother gave her a blessing (and one for me too because I couldn't stop crying!) And after that my dad felt strongly that we needed to go back to St. George in the morning and see our peds Dr. Right when our Dr. saw her he knew something was wrong and ordered an ultra sound. Come to find out she had Pyloric Stenosis and needed emergency surgery.

Pyloric Stenosis is a condition where the pyloris muscle between the stomach and intestine closes off and when that muscle tightens it doesn't allow food to pass through to the bowels. and she couldn't keep anything down for 3 straight days so she was starving to death.

Having to watch your one-month old baby go into surgery has to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. I think the whole week hurt me more than it did her! She is home now and still trying to recover. She isn't quite her normal self yet but today she is finally eating more normal and keeping it all down. I feel so bad for her but I know she feels so much better than a few days ago.

This picture was right after surgery. She was so worn out and finally got some solid sleep after 4 days and hardly any at all. Where that tape is, is where her scare is (about inch and a half long) So after a very long few days things are finally getting a little better. 

Besides all of that things have been going really well and the kids are growing like weeds. We love them more and more every day.