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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our little sweeties!!!

Where to begin!
After staying over night at the hospital and getting sent home the next morning I was pretty sad to leave the hospital still pregnant! But the following day at my appointment I was still dilating further (I was at a 5+ and 90% thinned out) and contracting 2-3 minutes apart so after much discussion we decided that 1-19-11 would be the day to meet my babies!

I was so nervous for the surgery! But honestly it wasn't bad at all! I said to the Dr. to let me know when he was about to put in my spinal, but he just laughed and said, "You didn't feel that? Its already done!" What a relief! Couldn't feel a thing! It was hard for them to get Bostyn out so one Dr. had to practically jump on my stomach to get her out! It was so weird because there was no pain just SO MUCH pressure I thought a truck had landed on me! Then Madden just came right out with a little wimper! Then I was off to recovery. I couldn't believe how fast it all went. Everyone was so amazing and nice so it really made the experience wonderful.

 Although I can't really remember this, here is meeting my babies for the first time!!! LOVE at first sight!

 Madden Trace Morrison 5 lbs 1 oz. Looks JUST like daddy!! And as sweet as can be! He doesn't cry, he looks around and sucks his hands when he is hungry!

 Right before heading to the O.R.

 Last pregnancy picture!! It's amazing how much better I can breath having that 50 pound load lifted!!!

Bostyn Rae Morrison 5 lbs 15 oz. She is so much bigger than her brother and eats like a CHAMP! Only cries for a second when we change her diaper! She loves to be cuddled by Daddy the most! 

 Holding them both in the NICU. You can't tell much here but there really is a big size difference!

 Holding hands!! It's so much fun to lay them by each other and watch them interact! They love sleeping super close at night. Bostyn is always stretched out and Madden always curled in a ball. Just like in the belly!!
 Bostyn kept sucking on his hands while they were bonding!! And he used his other hand to grab her throat!! Oh boy, sibling drama already!

 Isn't she lovely!! I love her big eyes and lips!

 Lovin' on my boy!! Mini Robbie!!!

I absolutely LOVE the moments when my babies just stare at me or Robbie. I'm so glad we got this picture. Madden is SUCH a sweet baby and such a fighter! His hospital experience was tramatic for him but he pushed through and got to come home the same day as sister!!

We spend 9 days in the hospital. Madden had a premature suck so he wasn't taking in enough food on his own and was being tube fed half the time. He just got so tired taking the bottle. All the nurses were so amazing and understanding. I know I probably seemed like a crazy mom but they all put up with me and helped me get my baby home.
I could go on and on about their birth and first weeks of life but lets be honest, I only have so much free time and I would love a nap!! :) Things are going so good and c-section recovery wasn't bad at all. I feel great and am so amazed at how fast your stomach can return to normal! The human body is so amazing!

I LOVE my babies more than anything and watching Robbie with them has changed my whole world! I have the best, cutest little family!! robbie is the sweetest dad and loves his babies! He helps me out SO much and loves to love on them both! We are so blessed to have these babies here. Now the real "fun" begins!!

I haven't been the best at taking pictures but I will work on it and post some another time!