"A final gospel truth that will contribute to our understanding of and hence the quality of our marriages relates to the degree in which we involve the Savior in our relationships as husbands and wives. As designed by our Heavenly Father, marriage consists of our first entering into a covenant relationship with Christ and then with each other. He and his teachings must be the focal point of our togetherness. As we become more like him and grow closer to him, we will naturally become more loving and grow closer to each other"

Friday, July 31, 2009

Anniversary Vacation!

Robbie and I celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary on July 25th! We took some time of work and headed out of town!! Friday to Monday we went to California. Our intentions were to go to Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor and the beach.. well I've been having some issues lately and everything makes me dizzy. So after one water ride on Friday I had about had enough! I made it on 4 before I just couldn't take it any longer so we went back to our GHETTO hotel and tried to just relax and all I wanted to do was sleep and wake up feeling better!

Saturday morning we decide to go to the Theme Park. AGAIN i only make it on 3 rides and I thought I was going to die! SUPER DIZZY! It sucked! So we went back and I was done for the day. I just wasn't feeling well and poor Robbie was bored out of his mind! We did make it to the Santa Monica Beach for our anniversary dinner though, which was amazing, but watching the waves made me even more sick! I SWEAR!

Sunday I still was so dizzy but we went to go to see The Proposal! It was a very funny movie but watching it on the theater screen AGAIN made me feel to sick! We went back and I had to go take medicine and took a LONG nap! It was a lost cause! Everything we tried to do I just felt to dizzy!

We haeded back Monday to my parents and spent the night with them. It was fun to spend time and play with baby Shelby! Jarris came home with us and it staying for a few days. We went out to Sand Hallow and had a fun last day of our vacation!
**to comes as no suprise to us that the one time in a year that I'm sick is on our vacation, that is just my luck. I've been to some doctors to try to figure out what is going on! All I know is to always feel like you've just ran in circles is REALLY getting old :( **

On the rode! Day #1!

Going swimming at our hotel

This is the Mexican/Seafood place we ate at on the Pier.

Rob in the beautiful sunset.

I felt to sick to even do my hair so don't mind the picture! We didn't take very many :(

CUTE CUTE CUTE Shelby. She LOVES to suck her fingers and gag herself! She is sucj a little doll!

The waverunners we got to take to the lake. (robbies boss is SO nice!) To bad my biggest fear EVER is fish so I didn't enjoy when robbie and i tipped over in the middle of the lake! I was FREAKING OUT!!! I ever swore at him because I was so scared!!

And last but not least. My bestie Heather and her little family moved to Puerto Rico :( I miss them and can't wait to go visit!