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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

We spent Christmas in Morgan with Robbies parents this year and had a great time! The kids were very into Santa this year and although they were terrified of him they would always tell whoever was acting alittle naughty "You better be nice or Santa isnt going to come give you a special surprise!" It was uaually Madden telling Bostyn that about once every hour but it was still cute! 

Christmas Eve they got to open up new jammies, a movie and fruit snacks! (we got the most reaction out of them over the dang package of snacks than anything else!) 

Christmas morning Madden was up at 6:30 asking if we could go down stairs to see what Santa brought, he tried his best to be patient while we waiting for Bostyn to wake up, so about an hour and a half later the little queen decided she would join the fun! She isn't much of a morning person so it took a few minutes for her to start acting and looking excited! 

She did however give a nice smile when she noticed a stocking full of fruit snacks!! HA! 

Checking to see if Santa ate his cookies and gave the reindeer carrots! Santa came to visit us while making cookies the night before but I only have a picture on my cellphone! 

Everyone knows what a sweet boy Madden is, he was so happy with his gift from Santa that he just wanted to hug his Dad!!  

Madden worked hard and saved money to buy Bostyn this little Barbie which she LOVED! And she bought his two little disc guns that I may, or may not, have thrown in the trash already ... Dont judge! 

Little bossy pants wanted to open everyone elses presents and not her own... this is when Rob was trying to explain that that isnt how it works.. Minutes later she was upstairs in a little time out and further discussion!! She gives the nastiest stink eye and doesnt brake!! 

Grandma Linda had these hats made for the kids, and even one for me, but I decided I'd save mine for baby girl for next Christmas! I just dont think I'll be wearing that hat often!! 

We are grateful for all that Grandma and Grandma Morrison did for us this year! The kids are so spoiled... loved.. yes, I mean loved! ;) 

But Of coarse, playing in a box of peanuts was WAY more fun than any present they could have asked for!

The boys playing the Wii. Madden was obsessed with this game and now thinks he is a real baseball and tennis player!! This kid LOVES sports, which you know makes his Dad very proud and happy!! 

Bostyn gave it a try for about 3 minutes then was over it! She is a hoot and a half, but anything involving coordination isn't really her thing!!! We still love her!!! And I will still raise her to play softball!! ;) 

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone and I look forward to whats to come this year! 10 more weeks until we meet our little girl!! I cannot wait and I think its finally starting to sink in that I am even actually pregnant! The twins talk about her all the time and ask if she can come out of my belly... Madden will sit by me and just rub my tummy and say "hi baby sister!" And I think we will have to name her Breckyn because it sounds SO dang cute when Bostyn and Madden say her name!! I think Breckyn fits into our family just right!! 


Desi said...

OMG they made out like bandits! They are so cute!

paddocks said...

Super cute post! They are so cute :)

Holy presents!!!!